Turner Aftercare and Reentry Program (TARP)

The Turner Aftercare and Reentry Program (TARP) provides housing and transitional support to homeless returning citizens recently released from jail or prison, and it provides outreach and referral services to non-residential clients, their families, and the community as a whole. The goal of our program is to ensure a safer community for all Cobb County residents through the reduction of recidivism by aiding returning citizens in becoming law-abiding, responsible members of our community.

This program, which began in 2006 as The Harmony House Program, closed down during the pandemic. During its past operation, the Harmony House residential program served 15-20 homeless returning citizens each year. The outreach and referral program served an additional 100-150 or more, mostly through telephone referrals. As of February 2019, Harmony House served 314 returning citizens through its residential program, provided 12,640 bed nights, and assisted 1,409 persons through its outreach and referral program. Reimagined with the New Horizons CDC, TARP will be re-launched through the direction of its creator and former program director, Harden Perry, and will expand to add a program for women. We hope this innovative program will become a model program that is duplicated nationwide. Please visit www.thetarp.org to read more about this outstanding second chance program.