Staff Support

Rev. Lindon Forde, PhD
Volunteer Resource Manager
Rev. Forde is a valuable asset for New Horizons CDC.  As a mentor and as a teacher who believes in excellence, he is utilizing his knowledge and experience to help us implement and maintain the highest possible standards for New Horizons CDC’s training programs. He will aid us by reviewing our classes and student expectations prior to implementation. Rev. Forde sees the world as a global community and his vision goes beyond borders. We plan to work closely with him on innovative programs as well as ideas for developing a school for Turner Chapel AME Church and the development of international outreach programs.

Ms. Ionna Davis
Financial Manager, New Horizons CDC
Ionna is an enterprising leader with a penchant for accelerating organizational growth. As a financial leader, she focuses on optimizing operational and financial outcomes. Her background includes the delivery of key priorities in financial management, analysis, forecasting, and budgeting. She is passionate about strategically positioning organizations for growth and has developed a reputation for transformative leadership across diverse business functions, including finance, HR, operations, change implementation, and compliance. She is also the financial administrator for Turner Chapel AME Church in Marietta, Georgia. New horizons CDC is in pursuit of transformative growth, and we know Ionna will play a vital role as we grow.